Website images 2 077The verification and auditing of VolDECs

Although there are no site audit requirements for VolDECs, we undertake data verification checks, and the scheme itself is subject to periodic audits.

The audit process:

We will audit 5% of the VolDECs generated through the online VolDEC portal, in order to ensure that data input to the system is accurate.  This audit may require the user of the VolDEC portal, to provide us with additional data or supporting evidence.  This might also involve us carrying out a site visit to any building recorded on the VolDEC online system.

Should an audit indicate incorrect inputs or use of the VolDEC platform then CDI/BES will work with the organisation to resolve any issues and re-issue the certificate with a normal certificate cost to the client.

Full site audits

We also reserve the right to conduct a full site audit on a small proportion of scheme participants in order to ensure the on-going robustness of the scheme.

Certificate ratings

In addition, we include a certificate quality rating as part of our feedback and auditing:

  • HIGH. Well categorised, good energy data, good floor area data (for display)
  • MEDIUM. Concerns about categorisation, energy or floor area data (for display – prompting improved data)
  • LOW. Missing/poor categorisation, energy or floor area data (issue to Facilities Manager – not for display)

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