Website images 2 077The verification and auditing of VolDECs

Although there are no site audit requirements for VolDECs, we undertake data verification checks, and the scheme itself is subject to periodic audits.

We undertake two levels of audit:

  1. Standard checks on all VolDECs to identify spurious data leading to unexpected results. In particular, we look at the landlord-to-tenant rating ratio, in order to spot any wide disparities, which might imply either poor data or a poor choice of scenario
  2. A small number of site visits across each larger portfolio ~ 5%. These might take the form of follow up visits by the client’s representative

Full site audits

We also reserve the right to conduct a full site audit on a small proportion of scheme participants in order to ensure the on-going robustness of the scheme.

Certificate ratings

In addition, we include a certificate quality rating as part of our feedback and auditing:

  • HIGH. Well categorised, good energy data, good floor area data (for display)
  • MEDIUM. Concerns about categorisation, energy or floor area data (for display – prompting improved data)
  • LOW. Missing/poor categorisation, energy or floor area data (issue to Facilities Manager – not for display)

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